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Learn to Manage Cyber Risk. Learning this will set you up to make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and implement proactive measures to stop potential threats before they escalate.

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The Course:

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Mastery:
Step-by Step and Strategies

  • This course is tailored to address these specific needs, transforming cybersecurity from a daunting challenge into a manageable and integral part of your business strategy, so you can confidently protect your assets.
  • From learning about digital threats to using real-world risk assessment techniques, you’ll gain insights and practical skills you can apply right away, so you can effectively safeguard your organization.
  • This course is more than a learning path—it’s a tool to boost your career and improve your company’s security, so you can achieve greater success and peace of mind.
What You Will Learn:
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Transform Risk into Opportunities

Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for IT managers and tech-savvy professionals overseeing or implementing cybersecurity measures in an SMB environment, so you can effectively protect your organization.

If you are a student or job seeker, this is a perfect way to increase your knowledge and raise your salary and job opportunities, so you can advance your career.

Enroll in “Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for SMB” today so you can make cybersecurity a strength of your business.


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The Community:

  • Level Up Cyber focuses on both individual and collective progress against cyber threats, so you can enhance your skills and contribute to a safer digital environment.
  • Join discussions, share challenges and solutions, and keep up with the latest in cybersecurity, all within a supportive network, so you can stay informed and connected.
  • This community is your resource for learning, inspiration, and driving change, so you can continually grow and make a positive impact in the field of cybersecurity.


What You Will Get:
  • Community


How is Level Up Cyber Community different?

Engaging Content and Course

Learn to manage cyber risk fundamentals to advanced defense strategies. Our curated content is designed to elevate your understanding and implementation of effective cyber risk management practices.

Expert Guidance and Support

Participate in live Q&A sessions, workshops, and webinars to stay ahead of the latest threats and trends.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Connect with peers facing similar challenges. Share experiences, solutions, and successes in a collaborative environment, fostering learning and networking opportunities.

Exclusive Resources

Access our comprehensive library of resources to support your cybersecurity initiatives, including guides, templates, case studies, and more.

  • Take Action and Enroll Today

    Take Action and Enroll Today

Join the Community and Course

Don’t wait for a cyber incident to reveal your vulnerabilities.

Enroll in our community today so you can turn cybersecurity
into one of your business’s strengths.

Unleash the potential of your team’s dynamics with Outgrid, your ultimate collaborative hub.

What You Will Learn:
Gain practical skills and knowledge


Enhanced Security Posture

Understanding and using these processes greatly improves an organization’s security, so you can ensure that security measures specifically target and protect against known risks and vulnerabilities, reducing the chances and effects of security incidents.

Aligned Cybersecurity and Business Objectives

By linking cybersecurity with business strategies, you can ensure that security initiatives align better with business goals. This way, security measures help rather than hinder business continuity, growth, and innovation.

Informed Risk Management Decisions

Risk evaluation offers clear insights into potential security threats and their impact, so you can make informed decisions about resource allocation and risk prioritization. This ensures resources are used effectively for the greatest impact.

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

These processes help the organization follow laws, regulations, and standards, so you can demonstrate compliance during audits and inspections by documenting and using structured risk management. This can help avoid fines and penalties.

Improved Stakeholder Confidence

When stakeholders like customers, investors, and partners see an organization actively managing its risks effectively, they gain confidence. This confidence can improve business relationships, attract more investments, and strengthen the customer base.

Competitive Advantage

Organizations that manage their cybersecurity risks well can use this as a competitive edge, so you can attract more customers and business opportunities by being known for strong security practices. This distinction can set you apart in industries where data security and privacy matter.

Cost Efficiency

By focusing on the most significant threats, you can avoid wasting money on unnecessary or ineffective security measures. Effective risk management leads to smarter budgeting and more cost-effective security investments.

Organizational Learning and Growth

The processes encourage ongoing learning and improvement, so you can regularly review and refine your risk management strategies. This continuous effort builds knowledge and expertise, leading to stronger security practices and greater resilience over time.

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Lars Martin Birkeland

Who am I:
Lars M. Birkeland

I’m hosting of the Level Up Cyber Community and Course.

Kickstart your cyber defense with our comprehensive assessment package. We identify vulnerabilities, assess potential impacts, and prioritize risks, providing you with a clear action plan to fortify your business.

My focus has been initiating and refining cybersecurity practices that secure operations and promote growth.

With my extensive 25-year background in cybersecurity, I offer an approach that fosters a secure environment for businesses to flourish in the long term.

I have been the CISO for over 12 years. This role is deeply intertwined with offering actionable insights and strategies in risk assessment, compliance, and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

My personal website

Master Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: Transform Risk into Strategy

Cyber Risk Assessments:

Cyber Risk Assessments:

Start your cybersecurity journey with a detailed risk assessment. Learn to analyze your defenses, spot vulnerabilities, and prioritize risks. This gives you a clear, actionable plan to improve your security.

Ongoing Risk Management:

Ongoing Risk Management:

Learn to stay ahead of threats with our continuous risk management community. Regular discussion of threat monitoring and compliance checks ensures your defenses remain robust against new and emerging risks.

Proven Cybersecurity strestrgies:

Proven Cybersecurity strestrgies:

Every business is unique, and so are its cybersecurity needs. We teach customized solutions that align with your specific operational requirements, ensuring optimal protection.

Ready to Elevate Your Cybersecurity Game?

Join our exclusive community today and take the first step towards a more secure and resilient future for your business. Together, we can make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions About the community? We Have Answers!

What is the Purpose of This Community?

Our community is dedicated to bringing together business owners, IT professionals, cybersecurity experts, and enthusiasts to discuss, learn, and collaborate on the latest in cyber risk management. Our goal is to empower members with knowledge, resources, and support to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.

Who Should Join This Community?

Anyone interested in learning more about cyber risk management is welcome. Whether you’re a business owner seeking to protect your company, an IT professional looking to expand your knowledge, or just someone curious about cybersecurity, you’ll find valuable insights and connections here.

How Can I Benefit From Joining?

Members gain access to exclusive content such as webinars, and courses, along with the opportunity to connect with experts and peers for advice and discussion. You’ll also receive updates on the latest cyber threats and best practices for risk management. Our community offers a unique platform to learn, share, and grow in the field of cybersecurity.

Is There a Membership Fee?

There is a quarterly price of $149 and an annual price of $490. For the annual you save the same price as 2 months.

We use the Chatham House Rule

In the community we use this rule as follows: When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

How Do I Join?

Joining is easy! Simply visit our sign-up page, choose your membership level. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll have immediate access to the community and its resources.

What Types of Activities and Resources Are Available?

Our community offers a wide range of activities and resources, including:

  • Interactive courses and workshops on various cybersecurity topics.
  • Live Q&A sessions and webinars with cybersecurity experts.
  • Discussion forums for sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Exclusive articles, case studies, and research papers.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals and experts in the field.
How Do I Contribute or Get Involved?

We encourage all members to actively participate! You can contribute by sharing your experiences, asking and answering questions in the forums, participating in discussions, and attending our live events. If you’re interested in presenting a webinar or writing content for the community, please contact our moderators for more information.


Satisfaction guaranteed with a 14-day money-back policy if you feel the course hasn’t met your expectations.

What Are the Community Guidelines?

Our community thrives on respect, sharing, and collaboration. We ask all members to:

  • Be respectful and professional in all interactions.
  • Share knowledge and experiences that benefit the community.
  • Avoid posting spam, self-promotion, or irrelevant content.
  • Respect the privacy and intellectual property of others.
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